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Technical Data
  • This equipment is used to determine the Rockwell hardness of steel bottle after heat treatment. It can remove the oxidation-layer on the surface of work piece, finish Rockwell hardness test and convert the Rockwell hardness to other scales automatically. The specially designed software can be used for storage, statistic, edit, analysis of the testing data. 


    Main features

    Automatically remove the oxidation-layer on the surface of work piece

    ★ The surface removing depth is adjustable

    ★ The upper computer PC controls the lower computer PLC / single chip

    ★ Test force closed loop control

    ★ The measuring head can move upwards and downwards, clamp the work piece and finish the hardness test automatically

    ★ High precision grating displacement measuring system

    ★ Double display screens, powerful software function (data processing, hardness conversion etc.)

    ★ Precision conforms to GB/T230.2, ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18

  • Application range:

    This equipment is mainly used to determine the Rockwell hardness of work pieces like steel pipe, pressure vessel and drill pipe etc. It is also suitable for the hardness test of other cylinder type or plane type parts.

    This hardness tester has got three national patents:

    1. Hardness tester automatic loading, unloading and measuring unit. Invention patent number: ZL200610070582.6

    2. Hardness tester automatic tracking and measuring unit. Utility model patent number: ZL200620161240.0

    3. Hardness tester automatic loading and unloading unit: Utility model patent number: ZL200620161239.8

  • 1. Working environment

    1.1  Temperature: -5~45℃

    1.2  Humidity: ≤60%

    1.3  Vibration and metallic dust should be avoided during operation

    1.4  Cooling circulating water pressure: 0.40.6MPa

    1.5  Power supply: 380V/220V(±10%

    1.6  Controlling power source voltage: AC220V DC220Vor else


    2. Technical regulations:

    2.1 Testing method:

    2.1.1 Carrying out GB/T 230.1-2004 <<Metallic Rockwell Hardness Test – Part 1: Test method>>

    2.1.2 Test force: Preliminary test force 10 kgf, total test force 60, 100, 150 kgf

    2.1.3 Penetrator: Diamond cone penetrator and steel ball penetrator (diameter 1.588mm)

    2.1.4 Testing scale: Rockwell HRA, HRB, HRC (convert to Brinell hardness scale HBW automatically)

    2.1.5 Automatically display hardness value

    2.1.6 Hardness measuring range: 20~88HRA、20~100HRB、20~70HRC

    2.1.7 Surface condition: Remove the oxidation layer after quenching and tempering. Arc surface condition Ra<6.3

    2.1.8 Measuring place:  Any positions on outside surface

    2.1.9 Error excess alarm: In case the measured hardness number exceeds the preset hardness range, the equipment will alarm with sound and light.

    2.1.10 Measuring speed: ≤90 seconds/point (Average, from clamping started to clamping released)


    2.2 Equipment components:

    This Rockwell hardness tester is mainly consisted of main machine (including base, machine frame, milling cutter, special hardness testing head, rolling guide rail, moving parts, actuator), hydraulic station and computer etc.


    2.3 Working mode:

    Place the work piece on the tester manually and after one key operation, the tester will finish the whole testing process automatically.


    2.4 Test force applying and controlling

    2.4.1 Test force applying and measuring components adopt national patent technology.

    2.4.2 Test force adopts electronic load applying and closed loop control. The test force applying is stable and testing precision conforms to GB/T 230.2-2004.


    5. Main accessories:

    l Main machine of Online semi-automatic Rockwell hardness tester: 1 set (including base, machine frame, milling cutter, special hardness testing head, rolling guide rail, moving parts and actuator)

    l Hydraulic station: 1 set

    l Computer: 1 set

    l Special device for hardness calibration and test force calibration: 1 set

    l Tools attachment: 1 set

    l Standardized Rockwell hardness block: 5 pcs.

    l Diamond cone penetrator and 1.588mm steel ball penetrator: 2 pcs each.

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